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Cultural heritage of the Minahasa in North Sulawesi

The Mountain View Resort & SPA is a real HotSpot to explore the unique Minahasa Highland. Chose between different programs which start and end at the new build resort.
One of the best place to meet other travelers, join a trip with them, chill out, enjoy the SPA treatments and have lots of fun in an amazing region. Nothing is more beautiful than the lakes, the volcanoes, the landscape and the smile of the Minahasa people.

Minahasa Highland Private Coach Trip

Discover the Minahasa Highland with your own private car and a driver who knows this region very well. For example visit the volcanic Linow and Tondano Lake - second biggest lake in Indonesia, Japanese Cave, Ranopaso Hotsprings, Pulutan - the pottery village, traditional wooden house building in Woloan, Watu Pinabetengan - most spiritual site in Minahasa, ...

Minahasa Cooking Workshop

In the past people always thought twice before the visited a Minahasa food stall or restaurant. One reason was the fear to make the wrong choice of food because the names of the dishes were not familiar and the second reason was the fear of the really hot spices.
Learn more about this kitchen and cook on a traditional fireplace.

Minahasa Highland Motorbike Trip

The Minahasa Highland has many hidden places you cannot reach by car. Together with a local guide you will explore small villages, travel through beautiful landscapes and enjoy great views. Drink a coffee with the locals, enjoy real Minahasa dishes in small food stalls and learn about the history of the Minahasa. You can also rent your own motorbike and explore the highland by yourself.

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