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Volcanoes, waterfalls and stunning landscapes in North Sulawesi

The Mountain View Resort & SPA is a real Hot Spot to discover the mountain regions of North Sulawesi with many active volcanoes. Our nature-programs start and end at the new build resort.
One of the best place to meet other travelers, join a trip with them, chill out, enjoy the SPA treatments and have lots of fun in an amazing region. An experience for live: climb the active  Mahawu, Lokon, Soputan volcano and Klabat volcano, the highest one in North Sulawesi.

Tekaan Telu waterfalls near Tomohon

One of the most beautiful and rarely visited waterfall which is not far away from Mountain View Resort & SPA.

Follow a small path until the river. From there trek through the river to reach these unforgettable place with four waterfalls surrounded by forest. 

The way can be sleepery after rainfall. You have to wear trekking sandals.

Lokon Empung volcano in North Sulawesi

Lokon-Empung is a twin volcano lying on the rim of the Tondano Caldera. These volcanoes with its Tompaluan crater (1.100 m) are among the most active volcanoes of Sulawesi.
Follow an old lava flow to the rim of Tompaluan crater. It takes about one hour. Have a look inside the crater and enjoy the view until the islands of Bunaken Marine Nationalpark.


Empung volcano the mountain of God

If you believe an old legend, the word "Opo" (= God) was derived from Empung. The mountain was populated by pygmy people called Tingkininong and represented the Center of the Earth.

Today a stone altar in the form of white rocks on the top of crater rim called "Batu Putih".

The crater of the 1,340 m high stratovolcano has a diameter of approximately 400 and is 150 meters deep. Its last eruption was in the year 1775. The crater floor is covered with dense jungle vegetation. Carnivorous pitcher plants proliferate on its flanks.
From there you have a beautiful view to the Celebes and the Moluccas sea, even to the Tondano Lake.

Soputan Volcano Trekking

The Soputan stratovolcano on the southern rim of the Quaternary Tondano caldera on the northern arm of Sulawesi Island is one of the world most active volcanoes.
The youthful, largely bleak volcano rises close to 2.000 m and is located SW of Sempu volcano.

Last eruption on 06.02.2016! We offer one day and two days trekking tours.

Three lakes trip in North Sulawesi

The Minahasa Highland is famous for its volcanoes and lakes like Lake Linow. But have you ever heard about Lake Romanei or Lake Tampusu?


So you have to follow us.
A full day trip to hidden places, close to nature and local people.

The Great Trek

We are proud to offer you a great trek along a volcano rim, agriculture hills, dense forest and a hidden mountain lake. It takes about 8 hours walking. We will have the chance to see many birds, colorful butterflies, enjoy the nature everywhere and have close contacts with the locals.

This trek was explored by the guides from Mountain View Resort & SPA.

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