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Discover Wildlife and Explore Nature at its best

Wildlife photography in Indonesia

Discover North Sulawesis unique wildlife. Together with rangers and wildlife guides you will start your photo expeditions into great National Parks and Nature Reserves. Visit remoute places where wild animals can be observed.
Sulawesi is famous for its endemic animals like Black Macaques, Tarsius, Anoa buffalos, Babi Rousa, different kind of birds, insects and butterflies.

Nature Photography in Indonesia

North Sulawesi - from close-ups to grand lands- and seascapes. Start your photo tour with one of our experienced nature photographers. Learn how to use specialized equipment and field techniques.  Get detailed natural history information and you will research the best locations for your photographs.
Photo copyright by Daniel Penn https://fb.com/fichte4 | www.fichte4.de

Photoshooting with Martin Rietze

Famous photographer Martin Rietze from Germany booked our service already many times for taking photos of active volcanoes. 

Indonesia was the only inhabited land traversed by the total solar eclipse on March 9, 2016.

We organized his solar eclipse shooting in Indonesia on Mare island - Maluku.

More about Martin Rietze: www.mrietze.com

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