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Siau a tropical paradise with an active volcano

These 125 square kilometres large volcanic island belongs to the Sangihe archipelago, lying between the mainland of Northern Sulawesi and the Philippines. It is well known for its nutmeg and cloves. Touristy, this island is still in its infancy, even though Siau has much to offer.

the Manado harbour you can take daily high-speed ferries. After  in 4 hours you will arrive Siau at the small town Ulu Siau. There you can stay in small guest houses or in a hotel. Two supermarkets, many small shops, three banks (ATM for VISA and MasterCard), a colorful fish and vegetable market and some restaurants are on the island.

The 1,827 m high stratovolcano Karangetang has become an emblem of this island. It is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. During cloud-free nights, you can see the red glow on the summit. Therefore, the inhabitants call it their "Lighthouse". Before climbing, check the activity at the volcanological monitoring station.

Dense rain forests in which a very rare tarsier wakes up in the late afternoon, are around the lake Kapeta, in the South of Siau island. In 2008, scientists discovered it.  THis tarsius is a separate specie and named it Tarsius tumpara (Siau tarsier).This small primacy is very much at risk. The population density of 311 inhabitants per sq km strongly limits its habitat. Especially locals hunt it because of its delicate meat. A large eruption would kill all of them in a short time.

Southeast of the main island threre are eight smaller islands, lined by beautiful sandy beaches. Hornbills nest on Gunatin island, while monitor lizards search bird eggs on Mahoro island. Maleo chicken hatch their eggs in tempered sand nests on the island Masare. Kanumpitaeng island is known for its rich coral reef and two beautiful white beaches. The islands Kapulikas, Pahepa and Laweang are waiting to be explored.

Enjoy th visibility depth of up to 40 meters there. But be careful! Divers should have experience with strong currents. Siau offers more then seven diving spots. A special feature is also the underwater volcano Mahangeta, who is almost 5 metres below the water surface.

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